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You will learn how to use video, geolocator APIs, lists, forms, tables, and session storage.

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MERN Stack Online Training gives you dominance over a wide scope of innovative highlights pertinent to the improvement of web applications and numerous different ideas. MERN Stack Online Courses at THE SKYPER give you a method for becoming guaranteed in the MERN Stack stage. The MERN stack is more productive than famous programming dialects like PHP and ASP.NET. Also, a huge number of simultaneous clients can run on the framework without the server crashing.

Key Features

  • Course Duration : 3 to 4 months

  • Real-Time Projects : 2

  • Project Based Learning

  • EMI Option Available

  • Certification & Job Assistance

  • 24 x 7 Lifetime Support

Module 1: MongoDB

  1. 1. Design Goals, Architecture, and Installation

      • What is the need for Non-RDBMS
      • Benefits of using Document-based databases

    2. CRUD Operations

      • Understanding of CRUD Operations
      • Functional usage of CRUD
      • Read / Write Operations with CRUD

    3. Schema Design and Data Modelling

      • Schema Design and
      • Data Modelling in MongoDB®
      • Various Data Structure and
      • Tools to Manage Data Model in MongoD

Module 2: NodeJS

    • 1. Introduction to Node JS

        • Introduction & Foundation
        • Introduction to the Node JS framework
        • Installing NodeJS
        • Using NodeJS to execute scripts
        • The Node Package Manager
        • The package.json configuration file
        • Global vs local package installation
        • Automating tasks with Gulp
        • The HTTP protocol
        • Building an HTTP server
        • Rendering a response
        • Using Representational State Transfer
        • Express Framework
        • Connecting to Mongo databases
        • Performing CRUD operations
        • The NodeJS framework
        • Installing NodeJS
        • Using NodeJS to execute scripts

      2. NodeJS Projects

        • The Node Package Manager
        • NodeJS Creating a project
        • The package.json configuration file
        • Global vs local package installation
        • Automating tasks with Gulp.

      3. HTTP

        • The HTTP protocol
        • Building an HTTP server
        • Rendering a response
        • Processing query strings
        • NodeJS using Representational State Transfer
        • Configuring TLS

Module 3: ExpressJS

    • An Introduction to Express JS  
    • Routing
      • Setting Up Router
      • Route Parameter and queries
    • HTTP Interaction
    • Handling Form Data
    • Handling Query Parameters
    • Error Handling
    • Creating and Consuming RESTful Services
    • Using Templates
    • The model-view-controller pattern
    • Defining Jade and Handlebars templates
    • Building a front-end controller
    • Defining routes
    • Creating actions
    • Configuring Express to use Handlebars
    • Using REST
    • Reading POST data
    • Building Handlebars helpers
    • Adding middleware
    • Data Sources
    • How Node.JS connects to databases
    • RDBMS databases and NoSQL databases
    • Connecting to RDBMS and NoSQL databases

Module 4: ReactJS

      • 1. Overview

          • Features of React JS
          • Advantages
          • Limitations

        2. Environment Setup

          • Install global packages
          • Add dependencies and plugin
          • Run the server

        3. ReactJS component

          • Render function
          • Component API
          • Component lifecycle
          • State
          • Props
          • Mixings
          • JSX

        4. ReactJS ─ Component Life Cycle

          • Lifecycle Methods.
          • Explanation on life cycle

        5. ReactJS ─ Events

          • Simple Example
          • Child Events.

        6. ReactJS ─ Router

          • Install a React Router
          • Create Components
          • Add a Router.

        7. Component Inter Communication

          • Component composition
          • Pass data from parent to child
          • Pass data from child to parent

        8. Unit Testing Components

          • Jasmine
          • React test utilities

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