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Enhance your software testing skills with comprehensive Tosca training and unlock the potential for efficient test automation

Croma Campus Trainings provides the most current, industry-relevant Tosca training course, which is aligned with the certification exam. 

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 Tosca Certification can help you improve your career as a Tosca Automation Engineer, Tosca Architect, Tosca Test Analyst, or Tosca Testsuit Tester.


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TOSCA TestSuite

  • TOSCA TestSuite Introduction.
  • Advantages of TOSCA over other Test Automation tools.
  • Download & Install TOSCA TestSuite
  • Test Process Flow in TOSCA TestSuite

TOSCA Modules Section:

  • Create a new project in TOSCA.
  • Components of TOSCA TestSuite and TOSCA Commander.
  • Creation of Modules & Different ways to identify the object uniquely. – By properties, By Anchor, By image, By Index
  • Xmodules and Classic Modules
  • Standard Modules in TOSCA TestSuite
  • Module Rescan
  • Merge Modules
  • Various Module Attributes / Altering Properties of Module / Module attribute

TOSCA Test Case Section:

  • Create & Execute Test Cases in TOSCA TestSuite
  • Set Browser & Close Browser
  • Test Case WorkState
  • Test Configuration Parameter
  • Control Groups
  • IF-ELSE, DO & WHILE Loops (Control Statements)
  • Reusable Teststep Block (RTB)/Library & Business Parameters
  • Synchronization:
  • Static wait
  • Dynamic Wait
  • Buffers in TOSCA:
  • Buffer
  • Xbuffer
  • Web Table Handling
  • Dynamic Expressions
  • Click operations
  • Keyboard commands
  • Various Action modes
  • Record and playback feature of TOSCA

Execution List Section:

  • Different Ways to Execute Test Cases
  • ExecutionLists
  • Exception Handling – Recovery Scenario
  • Exception Handling – Cleanup Scenario

Test Case Design Section (Data-Driven Testing):

  • Introduction to Data-Driven Testing, Importance of it.
  • Create TestSheet – Attributes & Instances
  • Generate Instances (Manual way & Automatically)
  • Create TestCase template, Link TestSheet to template & Instantiate.
  • Specify Conditions.
  • Create Data-Driven Test case from external excel sheet (Template in tricentis format)
  • Introduction to Class in TCD. Importance & Usage of Classes in TCD

Requirements Management Section

  • Risk assessment via TOSCA Requirement section
  • Link TestCases to requirements
  • Link ExecutionLists to requirements

Issues Section

  • Create Issues
  • Create Issues from Execution List

Reporting Section

  • Test Execution Report generation

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Hrishikesh Ghoti
Hrishikesh Ghoti
thoroughly enjoyed the online training classes and found it really satisfying after completing the Full Stack course in the skyper technologies. The trainer was very professional and supportive. All doubts were cleared in precise manner. I really had a good experience.Thank you for building our confidence.Also Tnxx to staff who support me for placed in Infosys
Kunal Patil 02
Kunal Patil 02
I have really good experience
dilip nikam
dilip nikam
The trainer was good and supportive . And good environment.

Frequently Asked Questions Java course

1. What is Tosca?

Tosca is a test instrument planned essentially for robotizing start to finish programming testing. Tricentis is the organization that makes it. To give an extraordinary business point of view and increment corporate pay, Tricentennial Tosca will partake in different programming testing exercises to test GUIs and APIs.

2.How good is Tosca's tool for a career in automation testing?

In the first place, a phenomenal device shows you how to computerize and gives you involved insight with various innovations that can be tried with a solitary device. It is unequivocally prompted that all QA analyzers get preparing and involved insight with the device. TOSCA is a great apparatus for a wide range of robotization, including test mechanization, execution testing, and RPA. It has developed into a significant contender for code-based computerization instruments like Selenium.

It requires no coding information; be that as it may, on the off chance that you want to modify the device because of reasons, for example, object ID issues, and so on, you will require a planner level person with vc++ information. The Hotstar application involves TOSCA for execution testing.

A developing number of clients are utilizing TOSCA. The main weakness according to the client’s point of view is the high permit cost.

3. Which companies use the Tosca tool for automation?

Tosca is utilized by just about 246 major organizations like Accenture, L&T, and different organizations.

Thus, it is an exceptionally valuable device for Tosca’s profession, as Tosca will be around for quite a while. Moreover, by working with Tosca, you would have the option to track down work everywhere.

4.Who should learn Tosca?

There are no requirements for learning Tosca; in the event that you have IT skill, you will know Tosca quickly and successfully in the speediest manner conceivable; any other way, you should begin without any preparation, which will take the time you will without a doubt turn into a Tosca ace.

5.What you will learn in this Tosca training?

In the Tosca Training, you will gain proficiency with the accompanying ideas.

The undertaking’s WEB Based Scenario will be smoothed out.
High Level Single Basic to TOSCA Master Automation Review Knowledge found out about SAP, SalesForce, API-based applications, etc. Computerization of the application’s trying beginning to end.
Apply for TOSCA and effectively pass TOSCA interviews for Tosca’s master or designer positions.
You will find:
Recording situations

Essential Concepts Section Concepts of TestCaseDesign Concepts of Module Section
In TINY PROJECT, you can likewise take part for certain guides to make sense of your viewpoints.

6.Do I get any discount on the course?

Yes, you can get a discount, and a The Skyper guide can work with you to foster out the monetary emergency; you can likewise pay in portions.

Assuming you reach us and express an interest in the course, The Skyper will help you in dealing with your issues, from planning to charge installment. Come and join The Skyper Technologies instructional classes to venture out toward an effective and flourishing vocation..

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