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Tableau with SQL & DWH Certification Training



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Harness the power of Tableau and SQL to transform raw data into actionable insights.

One of the best learning experiences can be had by enrolling in the affordable Tableau with SQL and DWH principles training course.

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Tutorial for Tableau with SQL & DWH

Leverage the scalability and efficiency of a Data Warehouse to unlock the full potential of your data.


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RDBMS Concepts

  • Data Models
  • Entity-Relationship Model
  • Normalization

SQL Overview

  • Introduction to SQL
  • Data types
  • SELECT Statement
  • Operators
  • Pseduo Column

Datawarehouse Fundamental

  • Datawarehouse Overview
  • DWH Characteristics
  • Types of Datawarehouse
  • Data Mart
  • Database vs Data Warehouse
  • Data Mart vs Data Warehouse
  • Data Warehouse benefits
  • DWH Architecture

Datawarehouse Terminologies

  • Data Cleansing, Partitioning
  • Staging area, Metadata
  • Surrogate Key
  • Snapshot, View, & Materialized View
  • Meta Data, Data Mining & Data Cube

Dimension Modeling

  • Facts and Dimensions
  • Hierarchies & Levels
  • Measures & DWH Schema
  • Star, Snow-flake & Galaxy Schema
  • Additive, Semi Additive, Non Additive Fact/Measure

ETL Overview

  • Process Flow of ETL
  • Types of Sources and Target
  • ETL Data Load types
  • Active vs Passive transformation
  • Extraction Methods in ETL
  • Tracing Level
  • Types of Data used for ETL Process
  • 5.Slowly Changing Dimension
  • What is Slowly Changing Dimension?
  • SCD Types : Type-1, Type-2, Type-3

Business Intelligence Overview

  • Introduction to Tableau
  • Product Components
  • Architecture
  • Need of Data Visualization
  • Data Connectors
  • Data Model
  • File Types
  • Dimensions & Measures
  • Show Me
  • Installing Tableau
  • Different Tableau versions & pricing
  • Home Screen
  • Workspace

Look and feel of dashboards created in Tableau
Joins Supported in Tableau.


  • Worksheet Options
  • Heap Map
  • Tree Map
  • Highlight table
  • Symbol Map
  • Filled Map

Scatter Plot

  • Gantt Chart
  • Bullet Graph
  • Sorting-computed and manual
  • Filters
  • Normal
  • Top
  • Context
  • Conditional
  • Cascading-All values and only relevant values.

Data Source Filters

  • User Filter overview
  • Parameters
  • Groups
  • Sets Basic

Constant Sets

  • Computed Sets
  • IN Members-Out Members
  • Combined Sets
  • Aggregated& non-Aggregated Values
  • Adhoc Calculations
  • Types of Calculations (Basic, Table, LOD), Bins
  • Difference Between (Groups, Sets, Bins)
  • Calculated Fields, ZN Function
  • How to find No of occurrence of letters?

Date Functions

  • How to find no days to ship?
  • how to find the month
  • Type Conversions
  • Logical Functions, IIF Function
  • User Functions
  • Table Calculations
  • First()
  • Last()
  • Index()
  • Rank()
  • Rank Dense()
  • Rank Modified
  • Rank Percentile
  • Rank Unique
  • Running Average
  • Windows Functions
  • Conditional Coloring using windows functions
  • Difference between Normal Aggregation & Windows Aggregations
  • Quick Table Calculations Compute Using Table Across Pane Across Etc.
  • Calculation Assistance

Table Calculations

  • Running Total Difference
  • Percentage Difference
  • Percent of Total
  • Percentile
  • Moving Average
  • YTD Total
  • Compound growth Rate
  • Rank Methods- “Competition, Modified
    Competition, Dense”
  • LOD Calculations-Fixed LOD
  • Include LOD
  • Exclude LOD with examples
  • Include
  • Exclude LOD
  • What is specified dimension & what is view, dimension

Page Shelf

  • Analytics Window
  • Constant Line
  • Average Line
  • Median with quartiles & Totals
  • Model (Average with 95% CI, median
    with 95%, quartile, cluster)
  • Custom (Reference Line, Reference
    Band, Distribution, Band) with examples
  • Confidence Interval (CI)
  • Clusters, K Means, Clustering


  • 4 Factors of forecasting (Trend,
    Seasonality, Cyclic Fluctuations,
  • Forecast Options
  • Forecast Models
  • Additive
  • Multiplicative
  • Quality
  • Trend Line Forecasting
    o Types (Linear, Exponential,
    Logarithmic, Polynomial) o Options(Linear, Exponential,
    Logarithmic, Polynomial Degree)
  • Box plot
  • Dashboards
  • Purpose of Dashboard
  • Action-Filters
  • Action- Highlight
  • Action URL
  • Select
  • Hover
  • Menu in Actions with examples

Device Preview

  • Layout manager
  • Layout Objects
  • Horizontal Vertical
  • Objects, Text, Images
  • Fixed and floating sheets
  • Story, Caption
  • Number, dots, etc.

Data Blending

  • Data Blending Example
  • Cross-Database Joins
  • Data Extracts.

API Integration With Tableau

  • JavaScript For Embedded Analytics Using

Maps using Groups

  • Dual-axis maps
  • YTD
  • MTD
  • QTD Calculations
  • How to calculate Last Year Sales
  • Current Year Sales
  • Current Month & Last Month Sales
  • Year over Year Change of Sales

Advanced Visualizations

  • Gant Chart
  • Histogram
  • Funnel Chart
  • Traditional
  • funnel chart
  • Bump Chart
  • Donut Chart
  • Lollipop Chart
  • Waterfall Chart
  • Control Chart.

Tableau Online User Filter

  • Data Source filters

Projects & Interview Preparation

  • Project Implementation with Real-Time Scenario.
  • Evaluation after each module Interview
  • Guidelines within Classroom
    Interview Preparation Material

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Hrishikesh Ghoti
Hrishikesh Ghoti
thoroughly enjoyed the online training classes and found it really satisfying after completing the Full Stack course in the skyper technologies. The trainer was very professional and supportive. All doubts were cleared in precise manner. I really had a good experience.Thank you for building our confidence.Also Tnxx to staff who support me for placed in Infosys
Kunal Patil 02
Kunal Patil 02
I have really good experience
dilip nikam
dilip nikam
The trainer was good and supportive . And good environment.

Frequently Asked Questions Java course

1. I need an accessibility accommodation. How do I request that?

In the event that you have a clinical handicap or condition that requires a convenience during your test you might present a solicitation that will be explored by the Tableau Certification group. You should present the solicitation and get endorsement prior to booking your test. Contingent upon the convenience, we might demand confirmed documentation by a doctor or wellbeing subject matter expert.

2. Does Tableau provide Certificates of Completion for training classes?

Indeed! Scene gives a Certificate of Completion to all paid preparation. This remembers all courses for eLearning for Creator and eLearning for Explorer, and all educator drove, virtual teacher drove, and confidential instructional classes. If it’s not too much trouble, see the eLearning and Instructor-drove segments beneath for additional subtleties on acquiring your Certificates of Completion.

3. Does Tableau have a NASBA Sponsor ID?

While Tableau is definitely not an enlisted support with NASBA, Tableau preparing satisfies the guidelines for CPE projects and Tableau Certificates of Completion can be submitted to state sheets of bookkeeping while applying for acknowledgment of CPE hours. It is vital to take note of that CPE rules fluctuate state by state and students ought to affirm the CPE prerequisites for their state.

While submitting Tableau Certificates of Completion for NASBA CPE hours, we suggest the accompanying:

● CPE Sponsor: Tableau Software
● Field of Study: Computer Software and Applications

4. How can other people verify my CEC hours, if needed?

A static, sharable hyperlink to your CEC Certificate of Completion is provided at the bottom of your PDF certificate.

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