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Earn your Selenium certification and become a recognized expert in automated testing and web application development.

Take your Selenium skills to the next level with our industry-recognized certification program and unlock new career opportunities.

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Tutorial for Selenium Certification

Earn your Selenium certification and become a recognized expert in automated testing and web application development.


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Introduction to Automation Testing

  • What is Automation Testing?
  • Which Test Cases to Automate?
  • Different Automation tools
  • Automation challenges & Mitigations

Introduction to selenium

  • What is selenium?
  • History and various versions of selenium
  • Advantages of using Selenium over other tools.
  • Selenium components


  • Introduction
  • IDE Features
  • Building & Running Test Cases
  • Building and Running Test Suites

Selenium Web Driver 3.0

  • Why Selenium Web Driver
  • What is a Driver
  • Automation Setup for Selenium Web Driver
  • Configuration of Selenium Jar using Eclipse

Identification of Locators

  • Tools to identify elements/objects
  • Setup for Firebug, Firepath
  • Different methods of finding element
  • By ID, By name, class
  • By Xpath, By Tag name
  • By Link text
  • By CSS
  • Using Effective X-path

Selenium Commands

  • Various types of operation that can be performed on any elements and how to use them.
  • Browser Commands, Navigation Commands
  • Working with different browser
  • Handling Checkbox, RadioButton
  • Dropdown and Select Operations
  • Handling Keyboard Event and Mouse Event
  • Alert & Pop Up Handling
  • Handling iFrame/Frame
  • Multiple Window Handling
  • Capturing Screenshots

Handling WebTables

  • What is WebTables
  • Extracting values from WebTables
  • Static and Dynamic WebTables

Wait Commands in Selenium

  • Implicit Wait
  • Explicit Waits,Expected Conditions

Framework Designing

  • What is Framework
  • What is a Framework?
  • Different Types of Framework.
  • How to Design a framework?
  • Data Driven Framework using Excel
    • Downloading and configuration of Apache POI
    • Executing Testcases from Excel

TestNG Framework

  • Test NG & TestNG features
  • How to use TestNG and Junit in Selenium
  • Advantages of TestNG over Junit
  • How to integrate TestNG with Eclipse
  • Test NG Annotations

POM Framework

  • Advantages of POM
  • How to implement
  • Using Page Object and Page Factory

Selenium Integration with Maven

  • How to create a maven project in Eclipse
  • Maven Build Cycles.
  • How to compile and Run tests using Maven

Cucumber Framework

  • What is BDD
  • Cucumber implements BDD
  • Preparing Features File
  • Writing a step definition
  • Writing Runner Class
  • Given, When, Then, And, But annotations and usage in features class
  • Passing parameters in Step Functions
  • Using regular expression in step
  • Parameterize complete scenario using features class
  • Datatable in Cucumber and its implementation
  • Using Assertions to report failure
  • Running simple feature/Step scenario
  • Building a simple test case
  • Executing project from eclipse
  • Generating Cucumber reports
  • Background and Pending Exception
  • Parameterizing/repeating test cases from feature classes

Continuous Build Integration tools- JenkinsContinuous Build Integration tools- Jenkins

  • What is Jenkins and how to use it
  • How to integrate Jenkins with Eclipse

Assignments on each topic in Java and Selenium

POC projects on Framework like POM, Cucumber

  • • Introduction
    • Compile Time And Run Time Polymorphism
    • Static And Dynamic Binding
    • Method Overloading
    • Method Overriding
    • Rules Of Method Overloading And Method
    • Covariant Return Type

Hands-on Experience on Industry Project

  • • Fileoutpurstream, Fileinputstream
    • Bufferedoutputstream, Bufferedinputstream
    • Sequenceinputstream
    • Bytearrayinputstream, Bytearrayoutputstream
    • Dataoutputstream, Datainputstream
    • Java Filteroutputstream, Java Filterinputstream
    • Java Objectstream, Java Objectstreamfield
    • Console
    • Filepermissionwriter, Reader, Filewriter,
    • Bufferedwriter, Bufferedreader
    • Chararrayreader, Chararraywriter
    • Printstream, Printwriter
    • Outputstreamwriter, Inputstreamreader
    • Pushbackinputstream, Pushbackreader
    • Stringwriter, Stringreader
    • Pipedwriter, Pipedreader
    • Filterwriter, Filterreader, Filediscriptor,
    Randomaccessfile. – Java.util.scanner

Mock Tests & Interview Tips

  • • Introduction
    • List, Set, Sortedset, Queue, Deque, Map ,
    Iterator, Listiterator And Enumeration
    • Arraylist, Linkedlist, Hashset, Linkedhashset,
    Treeset , Arraydeque, Prioritydeque, Enumset,Syllabus
    Abstractcollection, Abstractlist, Abstractqueue,
    Abstractset, Abstractsequentiallist
    • Map, Map Entry, Sortedmap And Navigablemap
    • Hashmap, Linkedhashmap, Treemap,
    Identityhashmap, Weakhashmap, Enummap – Comparator, Randomaccess Interfaces, Observable Class

Overview of Java

  • OOP’s, Data Types and Variables
  • Operators, Control Structures
  • Strings, Arrays

Objects and Classes

  • Object, Classes, and Methods
  • Method Overloading
  • Constructors

String, Stringbuffer, Stringbuilder:

  • • String
    • Immutable String
    • String Comparison , String Concatenation
    • Substring
    • Stringbuffer Class
    • Stringbuilder Class
    • Tostring Method – String Tokenizer Class
    4)Java Thread:
    • Java Multithreading
    • Multithreading Life Cycle Of A Thread Creating
    • Thread Scheduler
    • Sleeping A Thread, Start A Thread Twice
    • Calling Run() Method
    • Joining A Thread
    • Naming A Thread
    • Thread Priority
    • Daemon Thread
    • Thread Pool
    • Thread Group
    • Shotdownhook
    • Java Synchronization:
    • Synchronized Method
    • Synchronized Block
    • Static Synchronization
    • Deadlock
    • Inter Thread Communication – Interrupting Thread


  • Types of Inheritance
  • Method Overriding
  • Dynamic method dispatch

Packages and Interfaces

  • Defining Packages
  • Extending Interfaces

Exception Handling

  • Fundamentals of Exception Handling
  • Exception types
  • Try and Catch and finally
  • Multiple Catch

Input and Output in Java

  • File handling
  • Fetching data from Property File
  • How to use excel data with Apache POI Jars
  • Working with Excel

Collections Framework

  • Collection Interfaces and Classes
  • List, Set, HashSet, Iterator, other Classes

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Hrishikesh Ghoti
Hrishikesh Ghoti
thoroughly enjoyed the online training classes and found it really satisfying after completing the Full Stack course in the skyper technologies. The trainer was very professional and supportive. All doubts were cleared in precise manner. I really had a good experience.Thank you for building our confidence.Also Tnxx to staff who support me for placed in Infosys
Kunal Patil 02
Kunal Patil 02
I have really good experience
dilip nikam
dilip nikam
The trainer was good and supportive . And good environment.

Frequently Asked Questions Java course

1. Is placement assistance provided here?

Indeed, The Skyper guarantees with 100 percent position help. Whenever you are finished with the course, your email id will be added to our position messages and you will be refreshed with all the opening in and all over the planet.

2. How will this Selenium Online Classes help me?

Presently, every company around the world looks for the tools that are open-source and which has many benefits attached to it. And understand the overview of this course from above, we have understood that Selenium is a package of benefits. And this makes it one of the leading Automation tool which is why – this course will 100% help you in developing your skills and upgrading our career as well.

3. What are the pre-requisites for this selenium online training course?

We furnishes you with the best internet based concentrate on materials and meetings, which will assist you with understanding things quicker.Having the fundamental comprehension about the programming dialects like JavaScript, Java, c#, Python, and so on will assist you with understanding the ideas rapidly. However, regardless of whether you are familiar these dialects, nothing remains to be stressed over it. The Skyper preparing group is here to assist you with each essential to the high level learnings. You will likewise get active every one of the constant tasks and situations that happened in the current business. With this, our educators are so all around encountered that they will assist you with every one of the issues and issues you face during your training in principle and practices function also.

We likewise give 100 percent arrangement help after the full stack online course is finished.

4. Why should I take this Selenium Training Program?

As computerization testing market is n its method for extending and develop at an exceptionally most elevated rates before long, individuals are turning from manual to mechanization on enormous number.
The typical focus point pay for a computerization analyzer is additionally expanding and have stretched around 6 lakhs bundle every year.
It upholds various structures, programming dialects and working frameworks also.
Consequently, assuming you take this course you will he improving the abilities in this large number of pointers determined above – helping you o at last sharpen your insight and advance your future expert vocation.

5. Which certification is best for selenium?

As per the most recent review SeU – Certified Selenium Engineer (CSE) by ITB is the best accreditation for Selenium Automation. Yet, assuming you join The Skyper, our confirmation is additionally legitimate from one side of the planet to the other.. Your grades will likewise be inked on the endorsement.

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