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Course Overview

Get Google Cloud Computing Training and become an expert with Google Cloud. You can learn about Google Cloud Platform on The Skyper through online courses, including topics such as Getting Started with Google Cloud Platform, Managing and providing solutions with Google cloud, Embedding the Google cloud platform into your applications, Analyze data on Google cloud, Developing and deploy solutions on Google Cloud Platform, Manage Google Cloud Platform with Console, Apps, and Command Line Interface, and Learn about GCP Machine Learning services.

Key Features

  • Course Duration : 4 month

  • Real-Time Projects : 2

  • Project Based Learning

  • EMI Option Available

  • Certification & Job Assistance

  • 24 x 7 Lifetime Support

Google Cloud Platform

  • Google Cloud Platform Introduction
  • Google Cloud Platform Overview
  • Cloud Architect Certification Overview
  • Google Cloud Console
  • Cloud SDK, Repositories, Plugins
  • Google Compute Service: Compute, App, Container & Functions
  • Google Compute Engine: Machine Types, Linux and Machine
  • Load Balancer. Auto Scaling & High Availability illustrations
  • GCE – Load Balancing & Auto Scaling Demo
  • Google App Engine – GAE
  • Google Container Engine – GKE
  • Google Cloud Functions
  • GCP: Storage and Database Service Overview
  • Cloud Storage – GCS
  • Google Persistent Disk – PD
  • Google Cloud SQL
  • Google Cloud SQL: MySQL, PostgreSQL Demo
  • Google Cloud Spanner: Demo
  • BigTable,Google DataStore
  • Google Networking Products
  • GCP Identity and Security Management (6 Hours)
  • Google Key Management Service – KMS
  • Google Resource Manager – RM
  • Google Cloud Platform BigData Offerings
  • Google BigData Solutions
  • Google Machine Learning Offerings

Course Enroll

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Any expert in IT, System or organization administrators, Software designers who need to create and convey SaaS, IaaS, PaaS administrations, Project Managers can take up the GCP course. Likewise, any entrepreneur who is wanting to relocate to Google Cloud can take up this GCP preparing and accreditation.

You can work as

  • GCP Cloud Developer
  • GCP Cloud Architect
  • GCP Cloud Data Engineer
  • GCP DevOps Engineer
  • GCP Security Engineer
  • GCP Network Engineer

There are several job opportunities available for Google Cloud certified professionals.

As these are LIVE GCP online courses, we encourage you to ask your doubts during the session itself. This will be helpful to you as well as to the other students.

In case, if you are not comfortable you can send your doubts too.

You will be dealing with different activities that we take straightforwardly from businesses to assist you with understanding the sort of venture you might need to deal with once you get working.

The venture will include conveying a modified site on GCP which gives the office of SQL and document capacity.
The following venture will include planning a site that can answer as indicated by the traffic thickness.
After the finish of these ventures, it will add stars to your resume.

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