Microsoft Azure – DevOps

Developers, project managers, and contributors work together to create software using a collaborative culture and set of procedures supported by Azure DevOps.

Microsoft Azure – DevOps Training

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Course Overview

Learn Microsoft Azure Administration – DevOps – AZ – 400 Online at your own speed. Enlist and further develop your abilities today. The Skyper is the world’s driving web based learning organization. Concentrating on MS Azure’s engineering and investigation of its foundation and assets. Figure out how to make the locales dependable and further develop reactions to episodes in MS Azure. Screen the heap balancers and VMs in Azure. Checking and controlling the execution of safety efforts utilizing MS Azure.

Key Features

  • Course Duration : 5 month

  • Real-Time Projects : 2

  • Project Based Learning

  • EMI Option Available

  • Certification & Job Assistance

  • 24 x 7 Lifetime Support

DevOps with Azure

  1. 1.   DevOps Introduction

    • What is DevOps?
    • Why DevOps is needed?
    • DevOps Transition?
    • Technical Challenges
    • DevOps Market Trends
    • Various DevOps Tools
    • DevOps pipelines

    2.   Design a DevOps Strategy

    • Analyze Existing Artifact
      • Deployment Packages
      • NuGet
      • Maven
      • npm
    • Analyze Container Repositories
    • Azure Test Plans
    • Work Management Tools -Azure Boards
    • Recommend Migration and Integration Strategies
      • Artifact Repositories
      • Source Control | Import repositories from TFVC to Git
      • Test Management
      • Work Management
    • Design and Implement an Agile Work Management Approach
    • Design a Quality Strategy
    • Design a Secure Development Process
    • Design a tool integration strategy with Team city

     3.   Implement DevOps Development Processes

      • Design a Version Control Strategy
      • Implement and Integrate Source Control
      • Implement and manage Build Infrastructure
      • Implement Code Flow with GitFlow, SonarQube
      • Implement a Mobile DevOps Strategy
      • Managing Application Configuration and Secrets

    4.   Continuous Integration – Jenkin

    • Manage Code Quality and Security Policies
    • Implement a Container Build Strategy
      • Create Deployable Images
        • Docker Hub
        • Azure Container Registry
      • Analyze and Integrate Docker Multi-Stage Builds
    • Implement a Build Strategy with Jenkin

    5.   Continuous Delivery & Deployment Pattern with Octopus

    • Design a Release Strategy
    • Set up a Release Management Workflow
    • Implement an Appropriate Deployment Pattern

    6.   Dependency Management

    • Design a Dependency Management Strategy
    • Manage Security and Compliance

    7.   Application Infrastructure

    • Design an Infrastructure and Configuration Management Strategy
    • Implement Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Azure DevOps
    • Manage Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Infrastructure
    • Implement Infrastructure Compliance and Security

    8.   Implement Continuous Feedback

    • Recommend and Design System Feedback Mechanisms
    • Implement Process for Routing System Feedback to Development Teams
    • Optimize Feedback Mechanisms

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Frequently ask question

The goals of this Microsoft Azure accreditation course are given beneath

Understanding the benefits of utilizing Source Control for a few engineers dealing with a similar stage.
Quick Migration from TFVC(version control instrument) to Git.
Creating and carrying out security strategies for the applications created.
Overseeing and carrying out form foundation.
Dealing with the designs for applications.
Carrying out the DevOps system for versatile based applications.

Anyone who is a Microsoft Administrator or Developer certified professional can plan to pursue this course. 

Any individual who has prior experience working with MS Azure cloud can enroll in this course to become a certified DevOps Engineer.

Any individual with some Agile methodology or IT development cycle experience can also plan to enroll themselves for better career prospects. However, such an individual needs to put extra effort to understand the basic concepts relevant to cloud technology.

It would help if you had either of the following before you can pursue Microsoft DevOps Certification.

Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator OR Microsoft Certified Azure Developer

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